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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Plain of Jars

Situated on a high plateau in northern Laos, Xieng Khouang is a rising destination in Indochina travel map. The mysterious Plains of Jars, recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, has brought Xieng Khouang to worldwide attention.


Xieng Khouang is home to around 200,000 inhabitants with agriculture as the main source of income. The province is heavily devastated by American bombardment during the Vietnam War and its central and eastern areas are still affected by the war’s legacy. Its capital is Phonsavan, a newly established town.

The pristine landscape of Xieng Khouang is made up of high plains, green peaks and lush valleys. Lying on a high altitude (average 1200m) Xieng Khouang enjoys pleasant climate, cool during day and a bit chilly at night especially during winter.

Scattered in the landscape of the Xieng Khouang plateau, Xieng Khouang, Lao PDR, are thousands of megalithic jars. These stone jars appear in clusters, ranging from a single or a few to several hundred jars at lower foothills surrounding the central plain and upland valleys. The legendary Plain of Jars consists of hundreds of giant stone jars strewn all over the plateau at 1000m altitude. History has not been revealed yet but legends tell that these huge jars were used to store dead bodies of human as ancient customs. No one knows exactly.